Graphite Tail is Doodle 2's cat friend.

Name Type Personality Allies Enemies
Graphite Tail Dark Sweet, loyal, caring, sensitive, aggressive, cowardly Doodle 2, Digitals, O.M.E.G.A.S. FGG, P.A.I.N., Tamagotchis

Appearance Edit

She is designed to look like her master, so she is a white cat with large black eyes.


Graphite Tail has been stuck by Doodle 2's side ever since his appearance in the pilot. It's mostly unknown where he got her, but Two Roads Diverged revealed she is really a Tamagotchi, a creature designed to suck the energy of the person she resembles. It is never seen or implied she ever did this, so it's presumed that Doodle 2 somehow tamed her to the point where she is even reluctant to do it in front of her own kind. 

Abilities Edit



Energy Sap