Tamagotchis are alien cat-like parasites that can use dark magic and feed off energy. 
A tamagotchi

A tamagotchi.

Name Tamagotchi
Other names none
type dark
gender interchangeable
allies Snowball, LongTom
enemies FFG, Proffessor Auguste, Hamsha, 
alliance good
group varies

Appearance Edit

Tamagotchis are blue-green cat like creatures with aqua underbellies and antennas. They have black eyes, no visible nose, and rubbery skin.

Behavior Edit

They are sent out to find people to attack, then take out a little bit of the victims blood. As it grows up, it becomes the character it bit. This means gaining the character's features as the ones they had shrink into their bodies and they grow fur, some even end up walking on 2 legs. Once adults, they can change into cats at will.

They are born on an unknown planet, then are sent out into space by a legendary cartoon killer named Snowball.

Tamagotchis are strong and determined, easy to annoy and affectionate towards those they love.

other Notes Edit

They are named after Tamagotchis ([1]), handheld games where the user takes care of virtual animals.